Proper disposal of unused or unwanted medications is vital to combatting drug abuse epidemic and environmental conservation.

Volume minimization makes waste disposal less costly. DispoMeds offers a unique patented system that reduces the volume of collected drugs based on their proper disposal requirements. DispoMeds can make Take-Backs safer and more convenient while significantly reducing their operation cost.

The money saved in operating Take-Backs can then be used on, e.g., providing more Take-Backs, educating the public about medicine abuse epidemic and opioid crisis, or even providing incentives for people to bring in their unused medicines for disposal.


Combatting the prescription drug abuse epidemic and promoting environmental conservation by making drug collection and proper disposal convenient and efficient so that more unused or unwanted medicines may be removed from homes, businesses and communities.


Applying patented technology to redefine pharmaceutical waste management and disposal and providing secure and convenient options for proper collection and disposal of unused or unwanted medications.


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Number of people who die every day due to narcotic prescription drug overdose in the U.S.
The annual economic burden (in $ billions) of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States
The approximate total weight of medications (in tons) DEA collected in 2017
The number of national Take-Back events DEA conducted in 2017
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